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Welcome to the reviews section for My5tery Music’s Performing Arts Programs.

It’s easy to say that you have something great. It’s another thing for so many others to say so.

Below you will find many testimonials regarding our programs, workshops, educational sessions, program facilitators, events, and more.

These reviews were freely given by current and alumni students, parents, teachers, principals, and other participants and observers of My5tery Music’s School-Oriented Standard Programs (SOSP), Company-Oriented Standard Programs (COSP), and Virtual Performing Arts Platform (VPAP) modules.

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Testimonial #25:
Amirah (Student):

Testimonial #24:
Principal Gregory (Principal):

Testimonial #23:
Mykayla (Student):

Testimonial #22:
Ari’Anna and Maurice (Students):

Testimonial #21:
Nirah (Student):

Testimonial #20:
Ja’Niya (Student):

Testimonial #19:
Keith (Student):

Testimonial #18:
Ronnie (Student):

Testimonial #17:
Ms. Fox (Parent/Teacher):

Testimonial #16:
Courtney R. (Student)

Testimonial #15:
Courtney (Student)

Testimonial #14:
Chanelle (Student)

Testimonial #13:
Nori (Student)

Testimonial #12:
Ms. Trina (Parent)

Testimonial #11:
Kennedy (Student)

Testimonial #10:
Ms. Eileen (Parent)

Testimonial #9:
Mrs. Williams-Foreman (Teacher)

Testimonial #8:
Joshua (Student)

Testimonial #7:
Stevie (Student)

Testimonial #6:
D’Asia (Student)

Testimonial #5:
Neveah’s Mom (Parent)

Testimonial #4:
Amiyah (Student)

Testimonial #3:
Mr. Perry (Parent)

Testimonial #2:
Ms. Sanders (Parent)

Testimonial #1:
Maurice, Joshua, Willie,
Ja’Male, Kevon, Verician,
Ryland, and David (Students)

RTAIReviews | Sponsorship | Partnership

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