Errick Dixon’s Extensive Resume

Since the start of his music education career in 1996, Errick Dixon, also known as “Mr. ‘E’”, has developed over 100 new pep band, concert band, choral, marching band pre-game, halftime, parade routines, and theatrical performances.   From a range of individual soloists to ensembles of over 100 students, his extensive resume of choreographed routines has captivated audiences in over 300 performances worldwide!

Here are many of his and his groups’ music, choreography, and performance career highlights:

Movie Performance

  • *Dave Chappelle’s “Block Party” Movie Performance for 21-time Grammy® Award-Winning Artist Kanye West (Washington, DC)


Marching Band Pre-Game and Halftime Performances

  • Honda Battle of the Bands (GA)
  • St. John’s High School Field Performance (OH)
  • North Carolina State Battle of the Bands (NC)
  • Cleveland/Shaw Battle of the Bands (OH)
  • Norfolk State Battle of the Bands (VA)
  • Bowser High School Field Performance (OH)
  • Motor City Battle of the Bands (MI)
  • Rogers High School Field Performance (OH)
  • Freeport Bahamas Performance (Freeport, Bahamas)
  • NBA® Halftime Performance (Cleveland Cavaliers® -vs- Miami Heat, OH)
  • Texas Southern High School Visitation Day Performance (TX)
  • Old West End Festival Performance (OH)
  • Liberty Island Performance (NY)
  • Dayton Classic Performance (OH)
  • Circle City Classic Performance (IN)
  • NFL® Halftime Performance (Texas Texans -vs- Cincinnati Bengals, OH)
  • Universal Studios® Performance (FL)
  • Cedar Point® Performance (OH)
  • Bush Gardens® Performance (VA)
  • Six Flags® Performance (OH)
  • Islands of Adventure® Performance (FL)
  • King’s Island® Performance (OH)
  • City Walk Performance (FL)
  • Libby High School  (OH)
  • Southfield Battle of the Bands (MI)
  • Wade High School (OH)
  • Shaw High School Field Performance (OH)
  • Hoosier Dome Field Performance (IN)
  • Devilviss High School Field Performance (OH)
  • Flint Northern High School Field Performance (OH)
  • Colonel White High School Field Performance (OH)
  • University of Dayton Field Performance (OH)
  • Welcome Stadium Performances (OH)



  • Memorial Day Parade (OH)
  • Disney® Electric Light Parade (FL)
  • Veteran’s Day Parade (OH)
  • Circle City Classic® Parade (IN)
  • Old West End Festival Parade (OH)
  • Detroit Christmas Parade (MI)
  • Toledo Christmas Parade (OH)
  • Dayton Christmas Parade (OH)
  • Texas Southern High School Visitation Day Parade (TX)
  • Central State University Homecoming Parade (OH)
  • Inkster Parade (MI)
  • Springfield Memorial Day Parade (OH)
  • Virginia Beach Parade (VA)
  • Bourbon Street Battle of the Bands Parade (MI)
  • Liberty Island Parade (NY)
  • Toledo Memorial Day Parade (OH)
  • Bahamas Parade (Freeport, Bahamas)
  • Lansing Parade (MI)
  • Sherman Day Festival Parade (OH)
  • Cedar Point® Parade (OH)
  • Six Flags® Parade (OH)
  • King’s Island® Parade (OH)
  • Bush Gardens® Parade (VA)
  • Universal Studios® Parade (FL)
  • Islands of Adventure® Parade (FL)
  • City Walk Parade (FL)
  • Xenia Old Fashion Day Parade (OH


Choral Performances

  • Springfield Academy of Excellence Summer Coolers (OH)
  • Youth Sunday @ Restore Life Ministry Performance (OH)
  • Scott High School May Fest (OH)
  • Holiday Extravaganza (OH)
  • Black History Performance (OH)
  • Art Museum Performance (OH)
  • Toledo Public Library Performance (OH)
  • Robinson Junior High School Visitation Christmas Performance (OH)
  • Franklin Park Mal Christmas Performance (OH)
  • St. John’s High School Performance (OH)
  • Glenwood Elementary School Christmas Performance (OH)
  • Glenwood E.O.Y. Performance (OH)
  • Hayward Middle School Christmas Performance (OH)
  • Hayward E.O.Y. Performance (OH)
  • Dunn Middle School Christmas Performance (OH)
  • Dunn E.O.Y. Performance (OH)
  • South High School E.O.Y. Performance (OH)
  • Wiley United Methodist Church Performance (OH)
  • St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church Performance (OH)
  • God’s Lighthouse Performance (OH)
  • Hayward Middle School Graduation (OH)
  • Scott High School Graduation (OH)


Concert/Symphonic Band Performances

  • Scott High School Holiday Celebration Concert (OH)
  • Dunn Middle School Holiday Celebration Concert (MI)
  • Scott High School E.O.Y. Concert (OH)
  • River Rouge High School Winter Concert (MI)
  • Scott High School Graduation Performance (OH)
  • Dunn Middle School E.O.Y. Concert (MI)
  • Scott High School Ohio Recruitment Concert Tour (Robinson Junior High School, Old West End Junior High School, Devoe Junior High School, First Church of God Elementary School – OH)
  • River Rouge High School Spring Concert (MI)


Pep Band Performances (Sporting Events)

  • Scott High School Home Game Performances (OH)
  • Central State University Home game Performances (OH)
  • River Rouge Home Game Performances (OH)
  • South High School Home Game Performances (OH)
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