Our Program Costs and Scheduling

Below are the current costs of and the general schedule for the 5 Musical My5teries™ Performing Arts Programs per Student, per Session, and per Term, along with other pertinent program information. Use this information to decide on your school’s participation and/or to personally request, on your own, the necessary funding from an outside source of your choosing for potential participation.


The 5 Musical My5teries™ normal fees Per Session (for one 16-Session Term) are as follows:

  • One (1) Musical My5tery™: $375.00
  • Two (2) Musical My5teries™: $690.00 (an 8% savings)
  • Three (3) Musical My5teries™: $900.00 (a 20% savings)
  • **Five (5) Musical My5teries™: $1,250.00
    (an over 33% savings!)

Why is there no Four (4) Musical My5teries™ option? Because you get Musical My5teries™ #s 4 & 5 for a combined additional $100.00!  And, for purchasing more than Three (3) Musical My5teries™ for one Term, you will receive an additional 2-hour Session per week AND a 33% increase in Student participation!

(* – Costs are for the SCHOOLS AND SPONSORS, not parents.)


The 5 Musical My5teries™ general Schedule is as follows:

  • Program Name: One or more of The 5 Musical My5teries™ Performing Arts Programs (Drumlines, Step Teams, Pitched Instrument Training, Vocal Performance Training, and/or Theatrical Etiquette Training)
  • Number of Terms Per Year: 2
  • Number of Sessions Per Term: 16 (Approx. 4 months)
  • Number of Hours Per Session: Up-to 2
  • Number of Students Per Session: Up to fifteen (15)
  • Term Date(s): 1.) Between August – December, and 2.) January – June*
    (Shorter Summer Terms also available!)
  • Session Day(s) of the Week: TBD (based on Program Availability)
  • Session Time(s) of the Day: TBD (based on Program Availability)  

Wish to discuss possibly bringing our 5 Musical My5teries™ Performing Arts Programs to you?


*Based on availability of programs.

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