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"Unveiling the wonderful world of musical my5tery within you."

Have you ever wondered what it takes for one's inner light to blossom? Well, just think about mother nature and use her example. We believe that it takes a combination of two things for life’s inner light to bloom:


1.) Water and light permeate through the blue sky, and...

2.) Feed the green plants, which ultimately bring forth the fruits of our student’s lives.


At My5tery Music, our programs teach our students the power of "Living in the Light™". We help our students to find their inner light through a unique series of performing arts programs called the "5 Musical My5teries."

Our 5 Musical My5teries™ Performing Arts Programs provide a unique combination of intellectual, physical, & multifaceted music and performing arts activities & education training for students to hone the talent and passion for the arts into which they have yet to tap.

We use these activities to correlate the desire and discipline in learning the different performing arts crafts to the desire and discipline it takes to excel academically.

In short, we achieve intellectual curiosity and engaged learning, which leads to complete attentiveness to all aspects of what’s needed to accomplish academic and performing arts excellence.

Click any link below to begin your journey into our wonderful world of Musical My5teries:


Step Team

Pitched Instrument Training

Vocal Performance Training

Theatrical Etiquette Training

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