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As with our sponsorships, partnerships are also available for any eligible individual who or corporation that wishes to give to and support performing arts, character, and educational achievement of My5tery Music™ participants.

Below you will find information regarding current My5tery Music™ partnership opportunities:

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One thing that you learn in your personal life is that you cannot make it without allies. Those allies are normally found in family, friends, colleagues, and associates.

The same goes for being successful in your educational goals.

Here at My5tery Music™, we take special pride in our educational partnerships because they symbolize a beautiful, mutual understanding of love and dedication to our primary goal:

Targeting at-risk youth to enhance their social and academic success via our 5 Musical My5teries™ performing arts programs.

So, Contact Us About Partnership and help show these Students that you not only care, but that you believe in and are willing to invest in them, too!

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